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Reduce Your Overall Business Costs With Our Corporate Car Leasing Packages

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Save Time, Money & Operational costs

We Reduce Total Cost of Operations for Your Business

Our cost-effective car leasing packages give SMEs & MNCs a hassle-free transport solution. Outsource your staff vehicle needs to us and enjoy financial savings, lesser admin headaches as well as operating efficiencies!

Save Financial Costs

Full Service Solution

Less admin work

Collect the Keys, Ditch The Hassle

All of the Benefits of Car Ownership, None of the Stress

With rising COE prices and vehicles getting more expensive, businesses may be cutting back on car allowances. We provide a solution that allows you to reward employees with their desired prestigious car models whilst saving on costs and administrative stress.

Car Leasing Benefits in Singapore

Simple, stress-free & Cost-Efficient

Mobility Solutions That Benefit All Stakeholders

Instead of managing individual transport allowance & claims, we help set your mind at ease by handling of the grueling paperwork, so your departments can function more efficiently – without the extra stress!

Corporate Car Leasing Benefits for Human Resource Department | KINTO One
Human Resources

We take care of all the administrative work so you have more time on hand to focus on motivating employees and achieving company KPIs.

Car leasing Benefits for Finance Department
Instead of accounting for a depreciating asset, our corporate leasing solution allows you to expense off transport costs. We also handle all insurance costs, renewal & claims to free up your work!
Car leasing benefits for Sales & Ops Team
Operations / Sales

Get a 100% stress-free approach to your mobility for work & pleasure! We take care of all the nitty-gritty car related stuff, whilst you kick back and enjoy your new ride.

Corporate car leasing benefits for CEOs & Owners
Business Owners

Our one-stop hassle-free approach frees up administrative time for your team and better financial management. Save time, energy, costs and get motivated employees.

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