How To Get International Driving Licence

How To Get International Driving Licence

Are you planning an overseas adventure and want the freedom to explore foreign roads? Obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) is essential for driving in many countries worldwide. This permit serves as a recognized translation of your Singapore driving license and allows you to drive legally in foreign countries. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain an International Driving Permit in Singapore:

What is an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

An International Driving Permit (also known as International Driving Licence) is a translation of your existing Singapore driving license. Having an IDP means you are allowed  to drive vehicles in other countries without further tests or applications. However, it’s crucial to note that an IDP is valid only when used in conjunction with your Singapore driving license.

*Do note that the International Driving Permit (IDP) is not valid in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Why do I need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

If you are a foreigner resident in Singapore for less than 12 months, you must have a foreign driving license and an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorized organization in your country.

Other than that, applying for an IDP is essential for several reasons, each of which underscores its importance for international travel:

Car Rental: This document serves as a recognized translation of your domestic driver’s license, making it easier for car rental companies to verify your driving credentials and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Traffic Violations: In the event of a traffic violation while driving abroad, having an IDP can simplify communication with law enforcement officers.

Traffic Accidents: If you’re involved in a traffic accident overseas, an IDP can facilitate communication with other parties involved and local authorities. It ensures that essential details about your driving privileges are accessible and comprehensible, reducing potential misunderstandings or delays in resolving the incident.

Motor Insurance Claims: When making insurance claims related to a vehicle accident abroad, presenting an IDP can streamline the claims process. Insurers can verify your driving credentials more efficiently, which may help expedite the assessment and settlement of your claim.

Which countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

As a general rule, most countries where English is not the primary language will require you to obtain an International Driving Permit in addition to your Singapore Driver’s License. The International Driving Permit is recognized in these countries

*Do note that China, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam do not recognize the International Driving Permit.*

Singapore Driving Licence is recognized in some countries, and you will not need to obtain an International Driving Permit. For example:

  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
approved driving license for international driving permit (iDP)


Where Can You Apply for an International Driving Permit?


Eligibility Criteria

To apply for an International Driving Permit in Singapore, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Singapore driving license.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Not be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license in Singapore.
  • Possess a valid passport.

Steps to Obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP)


1. Prepare Necessary Documents:

  • NRIC (front/back).
  • Singapore driving license (front/back).
  • Passport-size photo.


2. Visit the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS):

The AAS is the authorized organization responsible for issuing International Driving Permits in Singapore. You can apply online here.


3. Complete the Application Form:

Obtain an application form from the AAS office or download it from their website. Fill out the form accurately and legibly. Ensure all details match those on your Singapore driving license.


4. Submit Required Documents:

Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents, including your Singapore driving license, passport, and passport-sized photograph. Remember to bring photocopies of these documents as well.


5. Pay the Application Fee:

There is a fee associated with obtaining an International Driving Permit. Check the current fee structure on the AAS website or inquire at their office. Payments can usually be made via cash, NETS, or credit/debit card.


6. Wait for Processing:

Once you’ve submitted your application and paid the fee, the AAS will process your request. The processing time may vary, but it typically takes a few business days.


7. Get your IDP:

Once your IDP is ready, you can collect it from the AAS office or delivery will be made to your address on your NRIC, or the one specified on the form.

diriving license



How Much Does an International Driving Permit Application Cost in Singapore?

You can obtain an international driver’s permit for a nominal fee of $20, available for immediate issuance upon in-person application. For online applications, there is an additional courier charge of $5.50, with processing and delivery typically taking 10 working days.

How long is my International Driving Permit valid for?

Your International Driving Permit is only valid for one year from the date it was issued. When driving internationally, you must also have your Singapore driver’s license and IDP.

Some Friendly Reminders

  • Plan Ahead: Apply for your IDP well ahead of your travel dates to avoid any last-minute stress.
  • Keep it Valid: Remember, your IDP is only valid when used alongside your Singapore driving license. Keep both documents on hand while you’re on the road.
  • Stay Informed: Familiarize yourself with the driving rules and regulations of your destination country. Being clued in can save you from any unexpected surprises.


Securing an International Driving Permit in Singapore is a breeze, as long as you meet the criteria and follow the steps laid out by the Automobile Association of Singapore. Armed with your IDP, you’re ready to hit the road and explore the world with confidence. Here’s to safe travels and unforgettable adventures!

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